One Health Bangladesh is practicing the one health approaches to safeguard the health and welfare of species in the real situation. The following activities can be presented as an example of one health practices in real ground.

Joint outbreak Investigation

Over the last several years Bangladesh has been experiencing outbreaks of several emerging infectious diseases including HPAI H5N1, Nipah, Influenza A H1N1 and remarkable increase of both cattle and human anthrax cases. In these cases, diverge professional groups including veterinarians, public health experts and anthropologists are jointly undertaking outbreak investigation and sharing both field and laboratory data between sectors, professions and disciplines. Those practices have laid the foundation of creating Bangladesh Laboratory Response Network (BLRN) to promote sharing laboratory data between animal health and human health. This initiative is also accelerating the 4-way linking approach between laboratory and epidemiology units in both human and animal health sectors in Bangladesh. One Health approach in both laboratory practices and epidemiological studies is thus now visible in Bangladesh.

One Health approach for rabies control program.

Over the last two years or so both human and animal health agencies of the government in collaboration with local governments and NGOs are undertaking Rabies control program in Bangladesh through mass vaccination in dog population and dog bite management. A rabies control strategy document has been prepared and has set a goal of eliminating rabies from Bangladesh by 2021. Mass dog vaccination program has in the meantime covered more than 60% of the municipality areas. A dog population management program through sterilization and mass vaccination, building mass awareness and social mobilization is also being implemented in Dhaka city jointly by human and animal health agencies, FAO and NGO. Joint training program on laboratory diagnosis of rabies has been implemented and a joint surveillance program is now underway of implementation. It has been envisaged that a One Health approach in rabies control program in Bangladesh will enable to achieve the goal of eliminating rabies from Bangladesh in 2021.